Safety shouldn't be a

luxury for athletes.

HexNest is challenging sports safety standards.

We are a startup focused on reducing the chance of injury in sports. Our flagship product is a gymnastics mat made from materials that more effectively absorb impact.

Regular sports mats 
use thick blocks of foam.


(we don't think that's good enough)

HexNest mats are constructed using layered, proprietary technology, intersecting engineering and materials science.

hexnest circle

Find confidence through HexNest

We’re confident in our work and our product. We’ve gone through extensive research, testing, and product development to bring you a product you can trust.

Beyond impacting mat technology, we want to be a driving force of change in sports safety. We’re developing a collection of resources and research to help coaches, athletes, and parents understand best practices when it comes to safety in athletics. Expect these to become available shortly.

It’s through collaboration and education that we can see our vision become a reality.


The HexNest Mat

Our 8" gymnastics mat is everything you’d expect from a traditional mat, but with an added layer of protection.

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